Northern lights over beach, Utakleiv, Nordland, Lofoten, Norway
Northern lights over beach, Utakleiv, Nordland, Lofoten, Norway

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  • The title is wrong, in 3 ways.

    Firstly, we can already see that we’re looking at northern lights over a beach, so there’s no reason to put that in the title; just wastes screen real estate (and eye strain, and time wastage) for everyone.

    Secondly, the name of the place is “Utakleiv Beach”, not just “Utakleiv” (which is a village, not a beach).

    Thirdly, Lofoten District does not CONTAIN Nordland County; on the contrary, Lofoten is just a tiny part of Nordland. So your word order is wrong (should be “Lofoten, Nordland”, not “Nordland, Lofoten”). Otherwise, it’s like saying “the city of Oklahoma in the state of Tulsa”, which is gibberish.

    So, a fully-correct (if a bit lengthy) title would be: “Utakleiv Beach, Vestvågøy Municipality, Lofoten District, Nordland County, Norway”

    But I suggest something a bit briefer: “Utakleiv Beach, Vestvågøy, Lofoten, Nordland, Norway”

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