Lenticular cloud above Lion's Head on Signal Hill, Camp's Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Lenticular cloud above Lion’s Head on Signal Hill, Camp’s Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

size: 373776
sha1: 3247f043ebd0d542365aa5a1714ac361cc930dd1
sha256: c209b24931f4ca6cd7a312a6bb7e9451349576a8c3ade91077dcd270ef373bc4


size: 352915
sha1: 67df5acef58d482ffd0d7d6e3d4933f9e703fe5f
sha256: afc82da730433bdabdca499fcc43e41e3f42fcfcaf7fa1a8a9864a39c633f7be

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